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Repair And Maintenance

timing, tune up, check engine, oil change

We provide most of the automotive services you may need. We have a complete computer based information system & modern diagnostic equipment to provide dealership level service combined with the personal service of a small shop.  If your vehicle is damaged, or no longer performs properly, or you just have a question about your car, give us a call. Our many years of experience in the automotive industry will help us answer all of your questions and take care of all of your needs.


At Beckwith's we are "The Crewchief for Your Car"





      State Certified Emission Repair


We have been a Certified Massachusetts Emissions Test & Repair facility since there has been such a thing.  We have the training & equipment to solve your emissions problem efficiently and at a reasonable price.


Do yourself a favor and avoid the FREE CODE STAB & READ places. Without proper testing, this is a guess at best but usually is also a waste of money on unnecessary component replacement.


When it comes to vehicle repair, there are two main choices: 1) Follow manufacturers maintainence schedule. This can be found in your owners manual or I can look it up on our information system.  2) Repair as components wear out or problems arise.  


By either following the manufacturers repair schedule, or coming in regurarly for our 3-5000 mile service, you will save money in the long run & avoid costly & inconvienent breakdowns.


One of our main goals is No Surprises. We do our best to keep you informed of  coming needs, so you can budget for them.

      Shake,Rattle,& Roll

Odd noises, vibration, strange handling problem? We offer a full range of services to solve these types of problems. We would be glad to take a ride with you & evaluate your car's behavior.


At Beckwith's "we are the crewchief for your car".

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